We are still reeling and shaking our heads wondering what Club Land will look like once things go back to “normal”.  We will be looking at a NEW normal and really no one knows what that will be.

Taking temperatures as members enter the venue, online ordering through an app, no plastic menus, yes to plastic cutlery (But what about the environment weren’t we all going to do something about our Carbon footprint after the fires?) and so on. It’s really confusing!

And our Membership?    What are you doing to stay connected?

Many clubs have dropped the ball – they don’t see a necessity to talk to their membership at the moment.  They may have sent an initial letter and now the Marketing budget has been cut and they are SAVING their money.  If I can say one thing to you it is DON’T!  Now is the time to SHINE!

Your members are looking to you to and wandering what you are all up to.  By talking to them and engaging with them NOW you will be sure to retain your loyalty and gather new loyal customers.  Life has slowed and there is less noise out there – THE PERFECT TIME to cut through and plant yourself directly in front of your members and NEW potential members.

Get on Social Media and connect – talk about what is happening around your venue – talk about what your staff are up to.  And just talk about any changes that you are making around the venue during the downtime.  They will lap it up.


This is not a paid ad JUST a love affair with this product!  If you’re currently using Mail Chimp, MyGuestList, Alveo, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor or Vision6 you should check out TalkBox as they have genuinely built a ‘better Mousetrap” when it comes to the safe automated collection of your club member data from multiple sources and has automated the process of getting your members to visit you more often.

TalkBox is an Aussie built application used by large and small clubs, venues, and RSL’s across Australia to safely store member’s contact details and can send member emails and SMS messages.

It’s simple to use editor and venue branded templates make it quick and easy to send out a great looking email and SMS messages such as newsletters, AGM notifications, special offers, what’s on info, and new member welcome journeys.

What I LOVE about Talkbox is? TalkBox can integrate with a venue’s data sources so you no longer have to manually upload data just to send out an email or SMS message – the platform automatically does it for you. I personally use Talkbox with IGT in a venue and the data is updated each night and I can segment my members DIRECTLY in Talkbox. I don’t have to do a thing.

I used Talkbox to setup a Raffle Draw – also to collect data on Members, SMS and as mentioned the IGT integration is invaluable which enables the automation of emails to the membership.

TalkBox plays nicely with the following:

  • Gaming/Loyalty – eBET, IGT, Aristocrat, Max Gaming etc
  • POS – SwiftPOS, BePOZ, SENPOS, IdealPOS, Jensen, StarrTec
  • Existing venue WiFi systems – Purple, Fydelia, PoweredLocal, Cisco Meraki,
  • Table reservation platforms – NowBookIt, TheFork, Quandoo etc
  • Online ordering – Mr Yum, OrderUp etc

Check out their Guide to survival during this time. CLICK HERE

If you are NOT using Talkbox currently Check it out! –  They currently have some signup deals for NEW customers at the moment – MENTION – Illegally Blonde’s Blog or Newsletter and Give Michael Olroyd a call Mobile: 0435 937 527 or email him michael.oldroyd@impactdata.com.au

It is PERFECT for the busy Marketing Team also PERFECT for those venues that do not have the luxury of a Marketing Department.  We all need those automated processes to keep the wheels turning and keep us ahead of the game. Take the time to check out how you can make your job easier as well as improving your Membership engagement.

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