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My TOP Marketing Can’t Live Withouts!

We all have those things that we can't live without - well these are MY TOP MARKETING CAN'T LIVE WITHOUTS! I understand that we all have our own way of doing things and it doesn't make one way better than the other but we just fall in love with certain products, processes, programs, or software.  [...]

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The BEST way to connect with your Membership

We are still reeling and shaking our heads wondering what Club Land will look like once things go back to "normal".  We will be looking at a NEW normal and really no one knows what that will be. Taking temperatures as members enter the venue, online ordering through an app, no plastic menus, yes to [...]

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How To Tips for Google My Business

Here it is How To Tips For Google My Business. This would have to be one of the most UNDERRATED least talked about social media platforms and one of the MOST important. Learn how to log in and claim your business and update your details. Post updates and use the insights. Learn in minutes how [...]

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Social Media Marketing Tips Episode 2

Social Media Marketing Tips Made Easy.  We delve a little deeper this episode with ensuring vital information is updated including your privacy statement.  Making sure you have claimed your URL and ensuring those opening hours are current and up to date. My top tips in this episode are: Claiming your URL name Updating vital information [...]

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We are YOUR Club

We Are YOUR Club! We offer help and assistance for the Drought, the Floods, the Fires, the Wildlife, the Koalas, life-saving medical treatment and equipment! Help the Community! Donate large sums to charities, donate small sums to charities. Offer our staff as volunteers, not for profits who need an extra hand. We are always asked [...]

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Are You Abandoning your Social Media?

So your venue has discovered social media is not all it’s cracked up to be, and now this familiar pattern is playing out: Your initial excitement about posting on multiple social platforms is waning and quickly being overtaken by weariness and the stress of constant posting. You can't think of original content. Your self-promotion is [...]

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