So your venue has discovered social media is not all it’s cracked up to be, and now this familiar pattern is playing out: Your initial excitement about posting on multiple social platforms is waning and quickly being overtaken by weariness and the stress of constant posting. You can’t think of original content. Your self-promotion is irritating even to you, so what must your followers think? And worst of all, your metrics aren’t showing any measurable increase in revenue. What’s the point of it all? I’m here to instill you with confidence and help you persevere in your social media efforts. Chances are, your social media strategy is victim to some common mistakes that can be easily resolved. Here are some reasons why your social media might be getting you down, and helpful ways to fix your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Social media is not for generating sales. Wait, WHAT? This is a common misconception, and probably the most obvious reason businesses quit their social media strategy when they don’t see a noticeable change in their sales. Businesses need to recognise that their social media presence is crucial for building a community around their brand. In a world with abundant options, people like to spend their money somewhere they trust. This trust can be established through word of mouth referrals, online reviews, social media comments from other customers, and an online presence which appeals to certain people. Forming strong brand recognition will attract clients to your establishment, but you have to be patient. It can take months and even years to build up a community around your brand.
  2. You’re posting on the wrong platforms: It’s tempting to make an account on every single social medium on the Internet so as to expand your reach. But each platform requires a specific “language,” and learning the rules for each platform, plus doctoring each message for different platforms, will quickly cause fatigue. Instead, you should determine which platform your customers prefer, and prioritise building your brand there. This will keep you from an overwhelming social media schedule, and will help you focus on creating good quality content rather than mediocre mass quantity messages.  For the majority of venues in NSW – Facebook presence is a MUST and Instagram is also definitely an option.  Instagram is fantastic if you have a great view to show off.
  3. Pay attention to the right kind of metrics: It’s difficult to determine what effect your social media efforts are having. Recording the frequency of likes, hits, and shares is tempting because it’s easy to analyse, but these “vanity metrics” don’t paint an accurate picture of who came into your club and purchased the happy hour promo you were sharing on Instagram. Try to set quantifiable goals to determine your social media return on investment. This will help you see where you should be allocating resources. Learn how to use the analytics programs built into the platform so you can see which posts are most relevant to your followers. You need to check these against other internal measures, POS, Gaming, Foot traffic, promotions etc
  4. Be patient and give it time. It’s ok to take a break from your social media to redefine your objectives, develop a relevant strategy, and look for new inspiration. Customers look for a social media presence as a sign that your venue wants to build a community that it recognises. Everyone wants to belong to a tribe, so start crafting one with purposeful and goal-oriented social media activity that suits your venue and your followers.
  5. Most importantly Get a Strategy and start planning.  But first what is your Brand Identity?  What makes you unique – Click here for a Brand Identity Template and some tips on establishing your Brand Identity.

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