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Are You Abandoning your Social Media?

So your venue has discovered social media is not all it’s cracked up to be, and now this familiar pattern is playing out: Your initial excitement about posting on multiple social platforms is waning and quickly being overtaken by weariness and the stress of constant posting. You can't think of original content. Your self-promotion is [...]

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8 simple steps to get you thinking about your Social Media

Most of you are time poor and have other things to be getting on with.  Let’s start with a plan.  Here is a simple 8 step plan to get you thinking about your brand and social media plan. WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE? Set your intention.  Why are you using social media?  What are [...]

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SOCIAL MEDIA: Who needs it? And frankly, who even has the time?

FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, YOU TUBE, LINKED IN, SNAP CHAT, GOOGLE+, PINTREST and the list goes on and on and on AND ON! It can be so time consuming! When you are a small to medium Club or business most don’t have the luxury of a dedicated Marketing team let alone a Social Media manager.  Priorities [...]

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