FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, YOU TUBE, LINKED IN, SNAP CHAT, GOOGLE+, PINTREST and the list goes on and on and on AND ON! It can be so time consuming! When you are a small to medium Club or business most don’t have the luxury of a dedicated Marketing team let alone a Social Media manager.  Priorities are Strategy, Management, Board, Staff and most of all Members or clients.  Isn’t it a waste of time and frankly who can really be bothered?  The answer is – YOU can’t afford NOT to be bothered.

Why Social Media?  It is cost effective and offers great opportunities for innovative engagement with your members and your local community.  Social Media marketing does not need to be painful.  All you need is an Action plan.  There is a never-ending list of social media platforms out there but that does not mean you need to be on each and every one of them.

Most of you already have social media accounts setup.  And some of you may not realise that you have more than one account on the same platform.  Before any of us knew what we were doing the cry went out “We need to get on Social Media” accounts were set up in the early days by staff who knew as much as any of us and have since moved on, some may even still hold the key to your brand which is floating around the net. One of the local clubs in my area has 3 Instagram accounts and none of them have been active for between 1 to 2 years.

Start with an audit! How can you find out what is already out there? Why not Google?

  • Search the internet, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc to see what accounts you do have out there.
  • Decide which accounts you are keeping and ask for them to be merged into one or contact the Administrator to ask that they delete the accounts you no longer need.

Where should we be? As reported in the Sensis Social Media Report released in June 2017, Facebook remains the dominant platform with 94% of social networkers maintaining a Facebook profile (95% last survey). Facebook is used by at least 90% across all gender, age and location segments. While Twitter has seen an increase in usage, the visual platforms – Instagram and Snapchat – have surged ahead. Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr are steady with each again attracting about one in 10 social media users. LinkedIn appears to be losing appeal.

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube appeal to 70% or more of the under 30s. Use of Instagram and Snapchat correlates inversely with age and to a large degree that is also the case with Twitter and YouTube. LinkedIn and Google+ lack appeal to the under 30s. Females use Facebook to a greater degree than males but all the other sites to a lesser extent.

Setting up a social media account and having it remaining stagnant will do much more to discredit or damage your brand than to not be on social media at all.

Don’t have the time or the inclination to be social? Call Illegally Blonde your Social Media Manager on m: 0416 243 387 or e: shayne@illegallyblonde.com.au